Meet Our Team


Jessica Beckman

With 20 years of experience working in the healthcare and pharmacy industries as an office manager, business developer, billing specialist, and Certified Pharmacy Technician, Jessica brings an informed and customer-focused approach to serve the unique needs of every patient who calls or walks through the door.

As co-founder, manager, and co-owner of Vitalize Hormone & Wellness, Jessica is passionate about delivering a smarter, more personalized, more efficient, and more effective way for people to get healthy and to finally achieve their wellness goals.

Working hand-in-hand with business partner and good friend Barbara Stuart, Jessica keeps Vitalize moving day in and day out to ensure patients have everything they need to succeed.

Barbara Stuart, NP-C

As a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with 19 years of experience in emergency medicine and more than a decade working in functional medicine and holistic health program development, Barbara brings a unique skill set and methodology to help her patients get healthy—and stay healthy.

Focusing first on education, Barbara's main goal is to provide sustainable treatment plans for wellness, not just disease management. With training and certification through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the Kharazian Institute, and others, Barbara is on a continuous mission to find smarter, more effective, and more natural ways to treat common health issues that affect men and women in the 21st century. As likable as she is knowledgeable, Barbara takes pride in forming relationships with her patients and truly caring about—and treating—their specific needs.

Natalie Jensen

Natalie Jensen, NP-C

Natalie is passionate about helping people find ways to feel better, live healthy, and heal successfully. Throughout her extensive career in healthcare and medicine, she’s made it her mission to apply both her ever-growing knowledge and her own experiences to treat every person according to their unique needs.

She brings seventeen years of experience as a registered nurse in the ER and seven years as a nurse practitioner to Vitalize. Here, she combines her deep knowledge in traditional medicine with new technologies and approaches in functional medicine to give her patients the confidence, tools, and results-oriented solutions to achieve their long-term health and wellness goals. 

Our Approach

We believe that every person, regardless of gender or age, deserves to feel good—every day.

That's why we founded Vitalize Hormone & Wellness in 2014—with the vision of delivering an innovative, personalized, and research-based plan to wellness founded on the power of patient education and focused on results. That vision has turned into real-life success stories for hundreds of patients who have sought our help over the years. Using a holistic approach to improving a person's health from the inside out, we seek to understand the root of health issues rather than simply treating symptoms as they arise.

Emphasizing hormonal balance, autoimmune disease diagnosis and management, gut health, and dietary supplementation, we blend traditional and modern medicinal approaches to uncover and address conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed or misunderstood by primary healthcare providers.

We give patients a path toward healing and greater vitality through functional medicine and disease prevention.

After running an extensive panel for each patient to get a more comprehensive view of that person's conditions and symptoms, we work person-to-person to develop and maintain a customized plan built to revitalize the body and overcome various treatable but serious, debilitating conditions. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting those hormone levels back to where they should be. Sometimes it takes a little more. But whatever the case may be, patients can be confident that they will receive a personalized program, supported with outstanding ongoing service, to help them reach their health and wellness goals—so they can continue living an active, bright, and fulfilling life.

Everyone's a candidate for that because everyone deserves it.